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PLGIT’s Debit Card/Credit Card Program provides PLGIT members the ability to accept debit and credit cards for the payment of fines, fees, penalties, utilities, or any other revenue that your municipality or school collects. At the end of the day, all transactions are sent electronically for processing. The collected funds are automatically deposited into a designated PLGIT account and begin earning market rates of interest the next business day.

  1. PLGIT now offers a Convenience Fee Program for credit card acceptance
  2. A convenience fee option is available to your municipality where you can pass fees onto the customer and receive 100% of the payment. You can count on secure, reliable electronic transfers of funds directly into your PLGIT account.
  3. Interware Development Co. is PLGIT's e-service partner providing innovative solutions that benefit your municipality:
    • Receipt of 100% of the funds
    • Customer pays convenience fee
    • Improved service and cash flow
    • Basic or customized payment options
    • Customize your website to accept payment options
    • Website safety - EB2Gov is PCI Level 2 compliant
  4. Benefits to customers include:
    • 24/7 access to municipal services
    • A shopping cart feature for multiple transactions
    • Immediate notification of payments
    • Electronic bill notifications
    • Access to records and bills online
  5. PLGIT has partnered with Interware Development Company (IDC) and Elavon, Inc. to bring a comprehensive program to accept electronic payments with credit and debit cards as well as a customer's checking account online and over-the-counter for any bill or service provided by your municipality. The EB2GOV website offers basic and enhanced payment acceptance options.


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